Two Canadair CRJ-1000s started seasonal lease for Croatia Airlines

Croatian national air carrier Croatia Airlines (OU/CTN) has leased two Canadair CRJ-1000s for its summer schedule operations. The leased planes are Canadair CRJ-1000s operated by Spanish regional air carrier Air Nostrum (YW/ANE), just like in previous years. 

The first aircraft (photo above) arrived from Valencia to Zagreb Airport on April 13th. Its registration is EC-MLC. It was manufactured 2 years ago and flying on regional routes for Spanish national air carrier Iberia (IB/IBE), as well as on lease for SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK/SAS).  Its first flight operated for Croatia Airlines was on April 14th on the route OU480 from Zagreb to Copenhagen.

The second aircraft (photo above) arrived from Valencia to Zagreb on April 17th. Its registration is EC-LPG. It was manufactured 7 years ago. Before its arrival to the fleet of Croatia Airlinesa, it was on lease for Belgian national air carrier Brussels Airlines (SN/BEL), since autumn 2018. The first flight operated for Croatia Airlines was on April 18th on the route OU4486 from Zagreb to Helsinki.

Both planes will be flying for Croatia Airlines until the end of summer timetable in October this year. Operational base will be in Zagreb, and they will operate all flights on routes from Zagreb to Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm, as well as on selected flights on routes from Zagreb to Athens (via Dubrovnik), Barcelona, Bruxelles, Dubrovnik, Skopje, and from Dubrovnik to Frankfurt

Photo © Avioradar (ZAG/18.04.2019)