THE RETURN OF THE WINNER: Perešin’s MiG-21 displayed in Zagreb

Fighter pilot Rudolf Perešin entered history with his brave defection to the Croatian side in October 1991, flying his MiG-21 fighter jet from Serbia to Klagenfurt, Austria. With his last flight, during the winning Croatian Army operation “Bljesak” Perišin went to eternity. Today, Croatia is proud of this brave Homeland war hero, whose act and figure are permanently marked in Croatian history. 

After returning from Austria, his combat MiG-21 aircraft (number 26112) was displayed in front of Ministry of Defence at Krešimir Square in Zagreb on Sunday May 12th, during an official ceremony. Everybody interested in seeing the aircraft are able to do so till the end of this month.

Have a look at our photo story:

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Photo © Avioradar (ZAG/12.05.2019.)