Ryanair will boost traffic on selected routes to Zadar

Irish low-cost air carrier Ryanair (FR/RYR) is planning to boost flight operations on several routes to Zadar next year in summer timetable.  

Zadar – Vienna route which was inaugurated this year, will get a third flight per week. Monday and Friday flights will get an additional Wednesday flights. This year, all routes from France to Zadar were cancelled. For next year, two routes are planned: to Marseille with 3 flights per week and to Paris – Beauvais Airport, which wasn’t operated last year. 

Zadar – Berlin route will be transfered to the new  Brandenburg – Willy Brandt Airport in Berlin and will get an additional second flight per week, comparing with this year. Zadar – Düsseldorf Niederrhein – Weeze Airport route will get a third flight per week, what means that the traffic will be the same as last year. Zadar – Memmingen route, which wasn’t operated this year at all, will be resumed with 3 weekly flights, once a week more then last year. The same is with Zadar – Krakow route, which was also cancelled for this year, but next year it will get an additional third flight per week, on Fridays. 

Ryanair planned to base up to 3 planes in Zadar with 11 new routes in this year. It was cancelled, but one of these new routes is planned again for next year. The  Zadar – Wroclaw route is planned with 2 weekly flights, on Mondays and Fridays. According to the currently planned timetable it seems that Ryanair could base two planes of its subsidiary Lauda (OE/LDM) at Zadar Airport.