New problems for Boeing 737 MAX certification

According to the ch-aviation portal, the US Congress voted against extending the deadline for Boeing to certify the still uncertified Boeing 737 MAX 7 and MAX 10 aircraft.

As a reminder, the new legislation requires American aircraft manufacturers to make safety improvements on all newly certified aircraft. Considering that Boeing has not completed the certification of the MAX 7 and MX 10 aircraft, the same regulation applies to these aircraft, which is why Boeing is conditioned to have to complete the certification of the aircraft by the end of 2022, or to adopt new legislation, which would significantly delay the certification process and introduction of new aircraft model into service.

In the event that there is no further change in the law (National Defense Authorization Act – NDAA), Boeing will be forced to apply the new laws to the MAX 7 and MAX 10 aircraft certification procedures.

Currently, two versions, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9, have been certified out of the four intended MAX aircraft models.