MNG Airlines from Turkey to Zagreb Airport

Turkish air carrier MNG Airlines (MB/MNB) has been flying regularly to Zagreb Airport over the last several years. The company operates regular cargo flights on Istanbul – Zagreb – Paris (Charles de Gaulle Airport) route with flight number MB551/MNB551. Flights to Zagreb are operated once a week, currently on Saturdays, but it used to be operated on Fridays. These flights are operated with a freight Airbus A300-600RF aircraft (in the picture), and on a few occasions also with a newer Airbus A330-200F.

MNG Airlines was founded in 1997. MNG are the first letters of the owner’s name. Company currently operates only cargo flights with 6 Airbus A300-600RFs and one newer Airbus A330-200F. In the past they also used 5 Boeing 737-400Fs. Between 2004 and 2006, MNG Airlines operated passanger charter flights with 5 McDonnell Douglas MD-81/82s.

Two Airbus A300-600RFs are currently leased in Slovenia. In 2008 MNG Airlines acquired Slovenian air carrier Solinair (SOP).

Operational base is at Kemal Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. Since April 2019 all regular passanger air traffic was moved to a new Istanbul Airport, but cargo air traffic is still operated from the old Istanbul Airport. New Istanbul airport received the old IATA sign “IST”, while the old Ataturk Airport got a new IATA sign “ISL”.