Icar Air from Bosnia and Herzegovina on the route to Zagreb

Icar Air (RAC) is an air carrier from Bosnia and Herzegovina which operates regular flights to Zagreb. Icar Air operates cargo flights with DHL packages from Sarajevo to  Zagreb five times a week on weekdays, with flight numbers RAC9001/RAC9002. Previously they operated flights from Sarajevo to Ancona with connection on DHL flights there, but from the begining of coronavisus pandemic in Italy, these flights were moved to connect on DHL flights from Zagreb. 

Air carrier was founded in April 2000 with headquarters in Tuzla, but operational base is at Sarajevo Airport. They have a single Let L-410UVP-E8A Turbolet with registration E7-MEL (in the picture). It was bulit in 1990. Beside this aicraft, there is occasionally an addiational Let L-410UVP-E8D on lease from Czech air carrier  Silver Air (SLD), with registration OK-WDC. Silver Air is the same air carrier which operates seasonal summer flight from Lošinj Island

Between 2009 do 2010 Icar Air also tried to operate passanger charter flights with a single Boeing 737-300 and E7-BBA registration.