Auf wiedersehen SunExpress Deutschland

German air carrier SunExpress Deutschland (XG/SXD), a subsidiary of Turkish SunExpress (XQ/SXS) and German flag carrier Lufthansa (LH/DLH), ceased operation on Tuesday June 23.

This air carrier was founded in 2011 with the main operational base at Frankfurt Airport. Their main routes were from Germany to Turkey and other destinations in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Bulgaria and Spain. They used to operate with the fleet of around 20 Boeing 737-800s (in the picture). 

The airline shortly operated some charter flights to Croatia, including routes from Leipzig to Dubrovnik and Split. Beside their own operations, they used to fly to almost all Croatian airports on lease for German low-cost air carrier  Eurowings (EW/EWG)

Turskish parent company contiunes with flight operations without any changes.