[PHOTO] Old Ilyushin IL-62 arrived to Zagreb Airport again

The old Ilyushin IL-62 (Ilyushin IL-62MGr) arrived to Zagreb Airport again on Friday, March 19th. It is one of the last two operational aircraft of this type in the world civil air traffic. It is registrated as EW-450TR and owned by Belarussian air carrier Rada Airlines (RDA). It arrived to Zagreb on a unscheduled flight from Shannon in Ireland.

This aircraft was built in 1985 as a classical passanger type IL-62M for East-German flag air carrier Interflug (IF/IFL), where it was operated under DDR-SET registration. In 1991, it moved with UK-86576 registration to Uzbekistan Airlines (HY/UZB) and was operated there until 2007. After that it was taken over by a Russian manufactory and planes service centre KAPO in Gorbunova (G7/GAO), where it was rebulit as IL-62MGr into a freighter version. It was used for manufacturer needs until 2015, when it was sold to Belarus. 

Belarussian air carrier Rada Airlines was founded in 2015 with a main operational base in Belarussian capital Minsku. Until last year this was the only aircraft in their fleet. Now they have one more aircraft of the same type and one smaller Antonov AN-74-200.

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