Frontier Airlines Retires Final Airbus A319 Aircraft


Frontier Airlines in September marked a significant fleet milestone with the retirement of its last Airbus A319 aircraft – tail N949FR – delivered to the company in 2006. Frontier passengers, crew and executives commemorated the occasion during flight 391 from Nashville (BNA) to Denver (DEN). The phase-out of the A319 is part of a fleet modernization plan by America’s Greenest Airline, that includes a strong focus on operating newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft.

“The retirement of Frontier’s last Airbus A319 aircraft is a proud and symbolic moment for our team as we look ahead towards a greener future,” said Daniel Shurz, senior vice president of commercial, Frontier Airlines. “Our ultra-modern fleet is already the most fuel-efficient in the U.S. skies and, as we continue the transition to A320neo (New Engine Option) and A321neo aircraft, our fuel savings and operational efficiencies continue to evolve.”

The final A319 tail featuring Erma the Ermine flew with Frontier for more than 15 years. The A319 model aircraft, which the company first began flying in 2001, played a vital role in Frontier’s success for more than 20 years, providing efficient, safe and reliable service, including during the airline’s transition to an ultra-low-cost carrier.

The aircraft’s final flight was marked with a special onboard announcement and giveaway items for customers, including a frameable certificate commemorating the occasion. Denver-based crew were invited to greet the aircraft on its final arrival during a gate celebration, as well.


According to Airbus data, 1486 Airbus A319 aircraft were produced.

Some interesting facts about A319 thanks to ch-aviation data:

  • A319 are active in 94 airlines
  • there are 886 active A319
  • oldest A319 have 25,5 years (D-AILA in Lufthansa fleet)
  • youngest A319 have 0,5 years (in Tibet Airlines fleet)
  • oldest A319 in Croatia Airlines fleet is 9A-CTG (24 years old)