LIVE: Croatia Airlines reveals new visual identity and aircraft livery

Today on 18 June, Croatia Airlines will reveal the long-announced rebranding, i.e. the new visual identity and coloring of the aircraft. This special event will take place at the carrier’s main office, at Zrinjevac Park in Zagreb. This is a prelude to the several times delayed arrival of the first Airbus A220, which according to the latest information is expected in July, and soon after its arrival it should make its first promotional flight on Zagreb-Frankfurt route and enter regular traffic.

The rebranding of the company was announced in May of 2023, when CTN confirmed to AvioRadar that a complete change of the visual identity and a new livery of the aircraft were planned. The current logo of Croatia Airlines was designed by Vilim Vasata, and the author of the design of the tail and the overall coloring of the aircraft is Ivana Ivanković, who was once awarded the Rebrand 100 award for the redesign of the aircraft livery. In the Spring 2023 edition of the travel magazine Croatia, CTN emphasized: “The design of the aircraft of the national airline is an important part of the overall national identity. The passenger’s first contact with the plane is extremely important because the plane of the national airline encourages the formation of the first idea about the country to which it belongs.”

Today’s event is expected to include the presentation of rebranding and the presentation of new aircraft, as well as the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Croatia travel magazine. Event starts at noon.

Live coverage

First photo of the new paint design

Croatia Airlines is celebrating its 35th anniversary, and in order to properly celebrate that anniversary, it is embarking on the biggest project in the company’s history. They will renew the entire fleet with new Airbus A220 aircraft. The first A220 aircraft should arrive during July this year.

Today, the new visual identity of Croatia Airlines was presented, and at the same time, the 30th anniversary of the travel magazine Croatia is being celebrated.

The renewal of the fleet marks a new period of business, which will be decorated with a new visual identity. With the redesigned logo and the new appearance of the aircraft, Croatia Airlines wants to emphasize the messages it sends to its passengers: quality, safety, travel comfort and hospitality, and the design of the sign comes close to the design of the tail for which it is known.

With the new fleet and renewed visual identity, Croatia Airlines will experience a significant technological breakthrough and greater energy efficiency with 25% lower fuel consumption. The new aircraft will have a capacity of 149 seats (A220-300) and 127 seats (A220-100).

New seats to be found in A220 aircraft

Jasmin Bajić, president of the board of Croatia Airlines emphasized: “The rebranding of the national carrier ensured even better visibility and recognizability, and additionally highlighted the importance of the Croatian national identity and the role of Croatia Airlines for the Croatian state, while Croatia Airlines still remains, according to renowned experts, one of of the best brands in world aviation.”

He further mentioned: “We are a few weeks away from the arrival of our first aircraft.”

Tomislav Mihotić, State Secretary in the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure stated: “The introduction of intercontinental direct connections is being considered, which is already being discussed.”

Photos of the first aircraft from the factory:


Cabin crew will receive new uniforms


Croatia Airlines Airbus A220 new livery design

The designer of the new visual solution is Ivana Ivanković. She noted that the blue part of the fuselage was “lost”, the reason being a new trend in the Star Alliance airline association, along with other practical reasons.

Vilim Vasata, the designer of the old visual solution of the logo, is known, among other things, for having participated in the design of the new logo of the Sony company.

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