Crocontrol is hiring: 13 job vacancies

Crocontrol (Croatian Air Navigation Authority) has announced 13 job vacancies.

HKZP describes its working environment as: “A team joined by the best of the best only. Highly competent professionals that are able to remain calm in every situation, boldly facing any challenge.

We have a unique job as the only company in Croatia with this honorable duty. However, this does not mean only air traffic controllers. Members of all of our departments work as a well-coordinated team, in which each person plays their role for the greater good – safe skies above Croatia.

In return, we get a well-organized system with a good work-life balance, a stimulating work environment, a safe job, and care for our physical and mental health. We want to be even better.

Our jobs demand long-term studying and training, punctuality, respecting procedures and codes, and the desire to be better today than we were yesterday. That is why we are the team joined by the best. The team in which only the best stay. That is why we love our unique job. That is why we are the place where you want to belong.”

Applications are open for the following positions:

  • Engineer – OPIS systems
  • EEK system technician
  • Engineer – SUR/NAV/MET
  • Technician for supervision and maintenance of the COM system
  • Technician for supervision and maintenance of the CNS system
  • Regional forecaster
  • Specialist in RNAV and conventional navigation procedures
  • Education and Licensing Administrator
  • Office Administrator
  • Procurement and sales administrator
  • Accounting Administrator
  • Janitor
  • Area air traffic controller

All applications are open until June 20, except for the position of Area air traffic controller, which is open until further notice. More information is available at the link.

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