Croatia Airlines new visual identity and aircraft livery

As we reported live from the ceremony, on the occasion of the company’s 35th anniversary and the renewal of the fleet with Airbus A220 aircraft, Croatia Airlines made a complete redesign, including aircraft livery and visual identity.

The refreshing update of Croatia Airlines’ visual identity, coinciding with its 35th anniversary of operation, captures the essence of our modern age and the technologies it entails. This redesign, accompanied by a new fleet, effectively conveys the airline’s strategy, values, and commitment to excellence.

The introduction of the new fleet will mark the beginning of a new era of our operations, defined by a fresh visual identity that has been carefully crafted and optimized. This identity will place an even greater emphasis on passengers and target audiences, while also staying attuned to the evolving trends and habits of travelers. It is designed to faithfully represent the values of Croatia Airlines and help the company achieve its future objectives, ensuring the desired market positioning along the way. The company’s designer, Ivana Ivanković, developed the new design solution by simplifying and modernizing the existing one.

Croatia Airlines stays loyal to its iconic visual identity by maintaining its core messages of quality, safety, reliability, technical excellence/precision, travel comfort, and hospitality while embracing the future with a revamped logotype and updated interior and exterior aircraft designs. The logo design seamlessly integrates with the aircraft tail design, a signature feature of the company.

Specifically, the logotype features letters that are slightly bolder, maintaining their original character, and the color has been adjusted to a darker shade. The updated logo, the aircraft revamp and the revised colors underscore the significance of Croatian national identity and the contribution of Croatia Airlines to the nation, guaranteeing enhanced visibility of the national identity by means of its modernized design. The redesigned logo itself is a dynamic element, designed to resemble an aircraft tail. The updated logo and aircraft revamp underscore the significance of Croatian national identity and the contribution of Croatia Airlines to the nation.

This fresh visual identity is carefully incorporated into the new cabin crew uniforms, soon to be unveiled to the public. This redesign, along with our new aircraft, heralds a new era for Croatia Airlines, Croatia’s leading carrier – an era of increased visibility both domestically and globally, allowing us to extend our influence to all stakeholders at all times.

Croatia Airlines has established itself as a prominent brand both in Europe and worldwide. The airline is playing an active role in the development of Croatia’s tourism sector and bolstering the nation’s economy. Its identity is strongly connected to Croatia’s historical flag, with its shapes and colors serving a prominent purpose in a modern and powerful visual representation. The coat of arms has been transformed into a dynamic element, while the logo and the logotype take center stage in the airline’s visual identity. The primary colors of red and dark blue reflect the nation’s history, while secondary colors pay homage to Croatia’s Southern European roots. By incorporating the colors red, white, and blue, Croatia Airlines unmistakably ties itself to its homeland.

The revamped design, with its clear and simple forms, ensures even better visibility and recognisability. Notably, the airplane tail is seamlessly integrated with the logo, emerging as the most identifiable aspect of the company’s visual representation. Crucially, the logo and logotype are artistically aligned with the Star Alliance logotype through a contemporary design, where the squares on the logo resemble the aircraft tail, effectively conveying the intended message. In essence, Croatia Airlines’ fresh design embodies a forward-thinking approach, while maintaining its status as one of the top brands in the global aviation industry, as acknowledged by esteemed experts.

The new visual identity allows for an easier and simpler connection with passengers and the general public, as is fitting for its role as the first point of contact between Croatia and the world. The initial impact it creates is now enhanced even further, linking national identity, heritage, and geographic characteristics with the convenience and security of air travel offered by the national carrier.

Just as we conquer the sky one kilometer at a time, we will also introduce the new visual identity step by step, with great emphasis on sustainability and cost reduction. The new planes arriving over the next three years will gradually be equipped with our new visual identity, while promotional materials and sales points will be updated as current inventory decreases, or at the optimal moment for each particular purpose. This approach will allow our passengers and stakeholders to experience both the old and new visual identities, reflecting on the past, present, and future as we work towards a brighter future for Croatia Airlines.

Croatia Airlines has also published a special feature on the upcoming aircraft on its website, which is available at the link. In addition, the upcoming summer issue of Croatia’s travel magazine will be dedicated to the new Airbus A220.


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