Czech Smartwings has cancelled Prague – Dubrovnik route

Czech air carrier Smartwings (QS/TVS) has removed all flights on Prague – Dubrovnik route until the end of this year. This route was planned with daily flights. Earlier, the start of flight operations was postponed from July 1st, but now there aren’t any flights in offer for this route. 

Prague – Split route already started with flight operations from June 10th and, from June 24th this route is planned with daily flights. This will probably be the first route from Europe to a Croatian destinations on Adriatic coast which will be operated on daily basis. Ostrava – Split route was planned to start with flight operations on June 13th, but it hasn’t started. This route is planned to start later, but the date is still unknown. Poland to Split routes were postponed with the new start of flight opertions from July 2nd. 

Poland to Dubrovnik routes are also postponed with the new start of flight operations from July 9th, except Gdansk – Dubrovnik route, which is planned to start one week later. 

All these routes are announced to be operated with Boeing 737-800 (in the picture above), except the flight from Wednesday June 17th, from Prague to Split, was operated with smaller Airbus A319 (in the picture below) from the partnered Czech flag air carrier ČSA Czech Airlines (OK/ČSA), the member of SkyTeam alliance.


 Photo © Petr Prouza (PRG/29.09.18.)