CROATIA AIRLINES Introduces Advanced Seat reservation


Croatian national airline will introduce charging of seat reservations on certain routes, starting from July 8th.

Most carriers are already charging this service, so Croatia Airlines decided to start applying this practice on certain international routes. Seat reservation services remain free of charge on all domestic and some international routes.

The service will be charged on the following routes:


  • Zagreb – Kopenhagen / Kopenhagen – Zagreb (OU480 / OU481)
  • Split – Kopenhagen / Kopenhagen – Split (OU4482/OU4483)
  • Zagreb – Dublin / Dublin – Zagreb (OU512/OU513)
  • Zagreb – Helsinki / Helsinki – Zagreb (OU4488/OU4487)
  • Zagreb – Oslo / Oslo – Zagreb (OU488/OU489)
  • Zagreb – Stockholm / Stockholm – Zagreb (OU484/OU485)
  • Zagreb – Sankt Peterburg / Sankt Peterburg – Zagreb (OU530/OU531)


The advance seat reservations on mentioned flights will be charged no later than 48 hours before departure. 
During the check-in process seat reservation is free of charge.

More info available HERE