Conferral of Certificates on Successful Completion of the Basic Training Course

 The first generation of candidates having been trained in Croatia Control (CCL) to become air traffic controllers received their Certificates on Successful Completion of the Basic Training Course today.

For the first time, we started independently training future air traffic controllers, which is a big step in the sense of investing into our human resources and the company as a whole, which will be offering these services in the market and thus generating substantial revenue, said Vlado Bagarić, CCL’s Director General. He highlighted that he was especially content with the results achieved by the candidates, who had demonstrated their detailed knowledge by passing the Basic Training Course with 95%.

Filip Jurčić, Head of Training Organization, said that he hoped the results achieved would additionally motivate the candidates in the further course of their training, whereas Mario Celižić, Unit Training Manager, wished them a successful continuation of training for one of the most demanding professions known today.

Since air traffic controllers perform a large number of tasks simultaneously, their job is considered to be one of the most difficult today, which is why it requires possessing special skills, knowledge and abilities.

After a 3-week break, the candidates will start the Rating Training, which lasts 12 to 20 weeks, depending on the type of rating. On completion, they will be granted a student ATCO license with a rating, depending on the type of service they will be certified to provide (aerodrome or area control).

The first generation of candidates, having been trained in CCL since June 2020, includes 20 students − 16 to become area controllers and 4 to become tower controllers.