Transavia resumed seasonal flight operations to Rijeka

Dutch low-cost air carrier Transavia (HR/TRA) is the second low-cost air carrier that resumed seasonal summer flight operations to Rijeka this year. This year’s first Boeing 737-800 (in the picture) arrived from Eindhoven to Rijeka on Sunday, April 23rd. After three resumed summer seasonal routes of Irish low-cost air carrier Ryanair (FR/RYR) from Brussels, London and Stockholm, this Transavia’s roure from Eindhoven is the fourth. Now in the preseason period, this route will be operated with two flights a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. In the peak summer season two additional flights a week are offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays, the same as last year.  

Dutch Transavia has already resumed summer seasonal flight operations on all its routes to Croatia that have been scheduled for this year. There is one route to Dubrovnik, Pula and Zadar, and two routes to Split. French subsidiary Transavia France (TO/TVF) has also resumed flight operations on all its scheduled summer seasonal routes to Croatia, except the two new routes to Split announced for this year, which are planed for inauguration in July.  


Transavia (HV/TRA):

  • Eindhoven – Rijeka, 4 flights a week, -2-4-67
  • Rotterdam / Hague – Dubrovnik, 3 flights a week, -2-4-6-
  • Amsterdam – Split, 3 flights a week, –3-5-7
  • Rotterdam / Hague – Pula, 5 flights a week, 12-4-67
  • Rotterdam / Hague – Split, 8 flights a week, 1234567 + ——7
  • Rotterdam / Hague – Zadar, 3 flights a week, 1-3–6- 


Transavia France (TO/TVF)

  • Paris (Orly) – Dubrovnik, 7 flights a week, 1234567
  • Nantes – Dubrovnik, 2 flights a week, –3–6-
  • Paris (Orly) – Split, 6 flights a week, 12345-7
  • Nantes – Split, 2 flights a week, —4–7, new route from July 10th
  • Montpellier – Split, 1 flight a week, —–6-, new route from July 9th
  • Paris (Orly) – Zadar, 2 flights a week, -2—6-