The second Airbus A320 for Trade Air arrived to Zagreb

Croatian air carrier Trade Air (C3/TDR) has taken over a freshly painted Airbus A320 in Shannon, Ireland today. It landed this afternoon at Zagreb Airport for the first time, with a new registration 9A-BTH. This is the second Airbus A320 in Trade Air’s fleet, and is named “Cecilia”

This aircraft has a serial number c/n 1454. It was manufactured in April 2001, for Spanish national air carrier Iberia (IB/IBE), with registration EC-HQK. Iberia returned this aircraft in 2010 to the leasing company ILFC. It continued to fly with registration SU-KBE for Egyptian air carrier KoralBlue Airlines (KBR) until 2012, and as SP-IAE for Polish low-cost air carrier OLT Express (O2/YAP) for just a few months. In October 2012 the aircraft was transfered to the Colombian air carrier VivaColombia (FC/VVC), where it operated with registration HK-4905 until the end of summer 2018. 

Trade Air now operates with 2 Airbus A320 aircraft and 2 Fokker F-100s. There are also two leased Let L-410 Turbolets, which are based in Osijek and operate domestic PSO lines.  

Photo © Avioradar – Karlo Mudri (ZAG/13.4.2019)