Ryanair Announces Summer Flight Schedule In Zagreb


Ryanair has announced the largest summer flight schedule so far in Zagreb, which includes 27 routes and more than 70 weekly flights to European destinations such as London, Paris, Milan, Vienna, Frankfurt and Dublin. Last summer, Ryanair opened its base with the first aircraft in Zagreb to support strong demand for flights to / from Croatia, and this increased connectivity will support tourist arrivals and also provide international tourists and business travelers with plenty of travel choices to leading European markets. like the one in Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, France and Austria.

While other airlines are reducing the number of routes, Ryanair is the only airline in Europe to increase capacity to a significant extent in Croatia. With an additional 13 lines, including the recently announced for Bratislava, Corfu and Lviv, compared to the 2021 summer season, travelers from Croatia now have 27 lines available for their next summer trip. This growth was driven by the delivery of 67 new so-called Gamechanger aircraft (which emit 40% less noise, 16% less fuel, and have 4% more seats available) before the start of the 2022 summer season.

Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.


Zagreb – destinations summer 2022.:

  • Karlsrue/Baden Baden

  • Basel

  • Bratislava

  • Bruxelles Charleroi

  • Corfu

  • Dortmund

  • Dublin

  • Eindhoven

  • Frankfurt Hahn

  • Göteborg  

  • London Stansted

  • Lviv

  • Malaga

  • Malmo

  • Malta

  • Manchester

  • Memmingen

  • Milano Bergamo

  • Napels

  • Paphos

  • Paris Beauvais

  • Podgorica

  • Rim Fiumicino

  • Sofia

  • Thessaloniki

  • Oslo Torp

  • Weeze