Prohibition of photographic activities at Zagreb Airport

In accordance with the information that the ban on photography and filming was imposed on Zagreb Franjo Tuđman Airport, we sent an inquiry to the airport concessionaire (International Zagreb Airport Jsc.) and we are transmitting the answer in full:

“Regarding your request, we can inform you that on Tuesday, March 8th 2022, Zagreb International Airport, through its internal channels, forwarded to all necessary addresses and at the request of the Airport Police Station, a Notice prohibiting photography and filming in the area of international border crossing.

The Notice states that pursuant to Article 21 of the Ordinance on State Border Surveillance (Narodne Novine, No. 30/14, 43/14, and 72/17) and the request of the Pleso Airport Police Station, unauthorized photography and filming is not permitted.

At this point, we can add that the competent authorities will define in the coming time what conditions are needed, in order to approve possible individual requests for photography and filming. “

AvioRadar will monitor the development of the situation and we will inform the public about the decision of the Zagreb Airport regarding the definition of conditions for photography and filming at the airport.