LEVEL/Anisec went bankrupt, all European routes are cancelled

Austrian air carrier Anisec (VK/FOO) went bankrupt on Thursday, June 18th. It was operated under the marketing brand LEVEL Europe and it was part of International Airlines Group (IAG). It was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary for a spanish low-cost air carrier Vueling (VY/VLG)

The main operational bases were at Vienna and Amsterdam. They operated around 30 destinations in Europe, including Dubrovnik in Croatia. Vienna – Dubrovnik route was announced with up to 4 flights a week in last two years, but they never operated all of them. Every year flight operations were reduced. Vienna – Dubrovnik route hasn’t been planned for this year, even before the pandemic. 

Anisec operated 4 Airbus A321s (in the picture) and 2 smaller Airbus A320s.  

Parent compnay LEVEL (LV/BOS) with wide-body Airbus A330s and intercontinental flights from operational bases in Barcelona and Paris (“Orly Airport”) is going to resume flight operations.