TOP 10 destinations from Split in 2022

In 2022, Split Airport was very close to Zagreb Airport in terms of the number of passengers transported. We have presented Zagreb’s Top 10, now it’s Split’s turn. According to Eurostat data, these are the ten destinations to which the most passengers were transported from the airport in Split.

In the first place according to the number of transported passengers from and to Split, Amsterdam was found with slightly more than 160,000 transported passengers. The carriers with the largest number of passengers on this route are KLM in cooperation with their low-cost carrier Transavia and easyJet. In addition to tourists coming from the Netherlands, some travelers from other parts of the world use Amsterdam airport as a place to transfer and arrive at the Croatian sea, especially from North America.

Among the TOP 10 airports by the number of passengers from and to Split are also two airports in London, Gatwick in second place and Luton in ninth place. Together, more than 250,000 passengers were transported from those two airports. It is interesting that Heathrow, as the largest airport in London, was not among the 10 busiest routes from Split.

It is expected that there will be a destinatiom in Germany among the Top 10 destinations from Split, since Germans are frequent guests in Croatia. There were as many as 3 of them. Although Germany is relatively close to Croatia and there is a good road infrastructure, still some tourists decide to travel by air. Frankfurt came in third place with just over 155,000 passengers. Lufthansa, Condor and Croatia Airlines are the airlines that connect Frankfurt with Split and all of them offer connecting flights in Frankfurt. The next destination in Germany is Munich in the fifth place with around 130,000 transported passengers. Dusseldorf was the third destination in Germany that was in Split Top 10, holding the sixth place. Slightly more than 105,000 passengers were transported on that route.

Zagreb is the fourth destination in terms of the number of passengers. Zagreb is used as a hub for continuing the journey or as a final destination.

About 100,000 passengers were transported between the capital of Italy, Rome and Split, and according to the number of transported passengers, Rome holds the 7th place.

Even though Vienna is 7 to 8 hours away from Split by car, a lot of passengers decide to fly, and this is shown with the figure of approximately 95,000 passengers who traveled between the two cities by plane. However, as with Munich, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, it can be determined that a lot of passengers arrive via Vienna and transfer at that airport.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is in tenth place. For all those who have been to the airport in Split, this is not unusual information, because every now and then a SAS plane from Scandinavia arrives during the season. Although SAS connects Split with many airports from Scandinavia, Stockholm is still one of the busiest routes.

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