[ON BOARD] jetBlue Airbus A321LR

At the last edition of the Paris Air Show, AvioRadar team had the pleasure of viewing the flagship of the American jetBlue fleet, the Airbus A321neo, or A321LR. What sets this aircraft apart from the rest of jetBlue’s fleet is the entire AirSpace cabin with Mint jetBlue Business Class. This and similar aircraft in the jetBlue fleet currently operate on the New York – London route, and will soon begin flying on new routes from New York to Paris and Amsterdam. We bring you a photo report from the plane that arrived in Paris brand new, with only 8 cycles.

Aircraft information:

Serial number: 11354

Registration: N4074J

Type: A321-271NXLR

Date of first flight: 03.05.2023.

Test registration: F-WZMU

Name: Mint The Gap

The first thing we notice when entering the aircraft is a different FAP (Flight Attendant Panel) compared to those we usually see in the A320 family of aircraft. It is located on the right side (opposite the seat of the cabin crew), has 2 screens, and is visually different compared to the standard one. As the jetBlue representative explains, the new FAP was specially designed by jetBlue and Airbus. The entire cabin was illuminated in jetBlue blue, with unique mood lightning that contributed to the “wow” effect that the cabin provides.


Entering the passenger section, we had the opportunity to see and try the Mint section of the business class. The first two seats have more space in the compartment, while the other compartments are the same size. Given that jetBlue is a budget carrier, it’s surprising how the A321-sized plane is filled to the the overwing exits with private business class compartments that are separated by sliding doors, where every seat turns into a full bed. Comparing the seats from the Mint cabin with those of full-service carriers and seats from wide-body aircraft, we can only say that Mint justifies its name – a refresh in the business class offer that sets the bar very high, exceeding the offer of carriers that are more expensive than jetBlue.

The overall impression of the Mint cabin is contributed by backlighting in the colors of jetBlue, details such as pillows or blankets, and extremely large compartments for hand luggage, which, considering the small number of passengers in business class, provide more than enough space for hand luggage (with the addition of space for storage in the Mint section).


Talking to the extremely accommodating and friendly cabin crew, we learn that Mint is the top product in the US, as well as on overseas flights. They claim that the Mint cabin was the first to be sold out and that the passengers’ impressions are extremely positive. They also asked us if we would try a flight in this type of aircraft even though it is narrow-bodied, and they didn’t even have to finish the question to hear the answer – YES!

All of jetBlue’s Airbus A321LR aircraft will be equipped with a total of 24 Mint sections, and with only 114 seats in economy class. The first two Mint compartments are larger than the others, with a larger seat, more private space, and a larger IFE screen.

The “wow” effect doesn’t stop when you move to economy class. Although we are used to flying on aircraft from the A320 family, this aircraft is something completely different. The 114 economy class seats are divided into 2 sections: the first section of 24 seats marked “Even More Space”, which have more legroom than other seats, and the second section of 90 seats with standard spacing. All seats are equipped with 10.1″ IFE screens on which you can watch an interactive 3D flight map, live TV, movies, and series on demand, and what jetBlue additionally highlights is free unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the aircraft. In addition to all this, each economy class seat has USB A and C chargers for electronic devices.


Arriving at the end of the cabin, we see two interesting things that we are not used to seeing in these types of airplanes: the first is 3 seats surrounded by a curtain that is used for crew rest (crew rest area), and the second is a self-service bar that jetBlue named Pantry. This bar is available to all passengers and is free of charge, and passengers will be offered drinks and snacks during the flight.


jetBlue truly got the best out of an aircraft that delivered everything that airlines want and travelers love – an economical narrow-body aircraft capable of transoceanic flights, with the comfort and amenities offered by much larger, wide-body aircraft. Comparing the prices of return air tickets from Europe to the USA, it is possible to see that jetBlue is a truly economical choice for a transatlantic flight, albeit in economy class. For a return ticket outside the summer season (in October 2023) on the route CDG-JFK-CDG, jetBlue’s ticket will cost $940, while Air France offers economy class tickets for the same dates for €1,387. At the same time, for the same flight, a Mint return air ticket costs a whopping $5,855.

We bring the rest of the photos in the gallery below. (© AvioRadar)

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