Croatia Airlines connects Osijek and Munich

On November 15th, the first passengers on the new Croatia Airlines route between Munich and Osijek arrived at Osijek Airport.

The first flight of the national airline from the Bavarian capital to Osijek (flight number OU4431) carried 20 passengers, who were greeted by representatives of Osijek Airport, Croatia Airlines, Osijek – Baranja County, the City of Osijek, and the Osijek Tourist Board after the landing of the Dash 8-Q400 aircraft. 25 passengers were aboard the return flight, which took off on the first international flight (OU4430) from Osijek to Munich.

For this occasion, Croatia Airlines awarded passengers on both flights (OU4431 Munich – Osijek and OU4430 Osijek – Munich) with a special voucher, which can be used when buying a ticket for the next trip with the national carrier.

This is the first international route of Croatia Airlines from Osijek, which was introduced by the joint efforts of Osijek-Baranja County, the City of Osijek, the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board, Osijek Airport, and Croatia Airlines. As a result, Osijek Airport and Croatia Airlines signed an agreement this September, guaranteeing two weekly flights on this route, on Mondays and Fridays, from November 15th to January 14th, 2022.

Jasmin Bajić, President of the Management Board of Croatia Airlines, pointed out at today’s ceremony at Osijek Airport:

“We are glad that from today our planes directly connect the economic center of Slavonia with Europe and that, after connecting Osijek with Split and Dubrovnik in domestic traffic, we have established our first international line from Osijek. I thank all the partners who contributed to the realization of this joint project and I believe that the flights Osijek – Munich will contribute to the development of Osijek Airport and the strengthening of Osijek as a regional transport hub. I hope that many foreign tourists will also use the favorable air connections to come to this region and discover its natural, cultural, gastronomic, and other values.”

Mato Lukić, Deputy Mayor of Osijek-Baranja County, stated:

“Congratulations and thanks to everyone who was involved in the organization of the flight, from Croatia Airlines to the Croatian Air Navigation Services, which hosted us in the newly renovated tower, otherwise without function since the Homeland War. The established Osijek – Munich line means a lot for Osijek – Baranja County because in the last few years we have been making huge efforts in the development of economy and tourism, and I am sure that all activities of Osijek Airport in the future will contribute to the common goal – progress of our county. In addition, this summer we are additionally connecting our fellow citizens abroad with their loved ones.”

The mayor of Osijek, Ivan Radić, said:

“With the introduction of the line between Osijek and Munich, Osijek is connected with an important European hub from which it is possible to travel to a number of European and world destinations, which is a step towards achieving the goal of positioning Osijek as a regional transport center. This is extremely important for tourism, emigration, and entrepreneurs, not only in the city of Osijek but also in the wider region, and an additional step towards this goal is the investment in the renovation and modernization of the control tower, which will lead to better air traffic. Both projects are important for the future development of Osijek Airport as an important segment in the overall economic development of Osijek. That is why we should congratulate Osijek Airport and Croatia Control as we welcome any investment in the city of Osijek.”

The director of Osijek Airport, Ivan Kos, pointed out:

“Symbolically, this is a great day for our airport, the city of Osijek, and the whole of Slavonia and Baranja. What we announced at the end of September is happening for the first time today. Even though we are deep into the fall, but I want this to be a hint of spring for our airport. At the beginning of the project to revive Osijek Airport, we started with the most logical cooperation, with the national carrier Croatia Airlines, and the first line we chose together, Munich, given the diaspora and tourist potential is just as logical. It is good that we started with natural and reliable partners because filling and maintaining the line during epidemic is not and will not be easy. Therefore, I once again thank everyone for their cooperation, from Minister Oleg Butković, County Major Ivan Anušić, Mayor Ivan Radić and President of the Management Board of Croatia Airlines Jasmin Bajić. We epecially thank all the media who welcomed and are trying to promote this line. We want it to become a traditional connection of this part of Croatia and the region with southern Germany, but also the whole of Europe.”

On the occasion of the introduction of direct flights between Osijek and the Bavarian capital, passengers have access to return airline tickets at a promotional price of 129 euros. All promotional prices are valid exclusively for the purchase of tickets through the website, and the price includes airport taxes and airfare (TSC).

It is worth noting that the service of the tower and approach procedural air traffic control during today’s first flights Osijek – Munich, and Munich – Osijek was provided from the renovated building of the Croatian Air Traffic Control in ZL Osijek.

Vlado Bagarić, Director of the Croatian Air Navigation Services, emphasized:

“I am extremely pleased that the take-off control of the first flight from Osijek to Munich took place from one of the most modern air traffic control towers in the region. The new premises of the Osijek branch will improve the working conditions of air traffic controllers and other staff and improve the quality and safety of services at Osijek Airport. This investment is part of a systematic investment in the quality and safety of Croatian air navigation control services, and I would like to point out that HKZP has invested more than 117 million kunas in capacity and increased air safety in the past two years, despite the pandemic.”