Winter charter flights to Dubrovnik have already resumed

One month before the beginning of the winter timetable, winter charter flights to Dubrovnik have already resumed. The first arrival was on Monday, October 2nd from Amsterdam. These winter charter flights are announced for this entire October and November, and then again in February and March of next year. There are always two arrivals a day from various European destinations in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

These charter flights are operated with Airbus A320 from Turkish air carrier Freebird Airlines (FH/FHY), which will now be based in Dubrovnik. The plane that is currently operating is an Airbus A320 with Maltese registration 9H-FHB, from the fleet of subsidiary Freebird Airlines Europe (MI/FHM). It was bulit in 2007 for Japanese air carrier Star Flyer (7G/SFJ), and since 2015 it was taken over by Turkish Freebird.

These winter travels are organized by RSD Reisen (RSD Travel/RSD Voyage) for two-week tours. During the first week, the tourists travel around various tourist destinations in Dalmatia, Herzegovina and Montenegro by bus, and during the second week they stay in hotel accomodation.

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