Renovation at Varaždin Airport Continues

Since the appointment of a new operator, Varaždin Airport has experienced a renaissance. Following the improvements to the taxiway and stand, renovations of the airport building have continued. It is encouraging and commendable to see these positive changes, especially in the realm of general aviation. Varaždin has established itself as a secondary airport serving not only Varaždin but also Zagreb and all of northwestern Croatia, particularly in the field of general aviation.

In addition to the fact that Varaždin Airport has an asphalted runway, developed supporting infrastructure and regular clients, some of whom are well-known names in aviation, it is not surprising that LDVA has become a serious player in Croatian aviation, and we would dare to say even more.

Varaždin Airport (ICAO: LDVA) is situated 2 km east of the city of Varaždin at an altitude of 547 feet. It is registered for both domestic and international traffic and features a runway (16/34) that is 1611 meters long and 30 meters wide. The asphalt runway, combined with a parking area of approximately 3000 m², hangars, aircraft service facilities, and ancillary rooms in the airport building, make Varaždin Airport one of the most comprehensive smaller airports in Croatia. Since August of last year, the airport has also been home to the restaurant TOP GUN, which offers a terrace where you can enjoy views of the planes.

Varaždin Airport is frequently visited by citizens of Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, and Germany. Its proximity to Zagreb, Ljubljana, and Graz makes it an attractive destination, and it is increasingly popular for business and tourism purposes. Business jets and operators such as Avcon Jet with their Cessna 525C CJ4 and Alibrent with their Kodiak 100 are frequent visitors.

The airport serves as the base for numerous pilot schools and is used by pilots of official helicopters from the police, army, and civil rescue services, as well as private users of light and ultralight planes.

Following the renovation of the taxiway and stand, Varaždin Airport can now boast a fully renovated airport building. The roof has been restored, the installations updated, and in recent weeks, the rooms within the airport building have been decorated and are ready for rent, with a public tender to be announced soon. The building also features an area for pilots, providing a comfortable place for rest, refreshment, and handling administrative obligations. For many visitors, this room is their first encounter with Varaždin, so to ensure a good first impression, the hosts have provided access to service information and brochures about Varaždin’s attractions and tourist offerings.

One of the hangars at the airport has been rented by Jung Sky, a domestic airline specializing in private charter flights throughout Europe. Renowned in the business aviation sector, Jung Sky recognizes the economic and tourist potential of this industry for Varaždin airport, the city, and the county. Consequently, they have established a base for maintenance and complex services for Cessna 525, 525A, and 525B jet aircraft in Varaždin. This includes servicing their own fleet, which is why some of their jets can often be seen on the airport runway.

Further development of the airport aims to enhance cooperation with airlines, schools, private owners, and aero clubs, as well as to increase the number of jet aircraft landings. Sustainability and liquidity will be achieved by maintaining competitive hangar rental prices and landing fees, while also increasing airport utilization and exploring various forms of commercial use of the airport.

The focus is also on organizing air shows, parachute boogies, aero club competitions, drone races, and similar sports and recreational activities. With its new look and modernized spaces, Varaždin Airport is positioned as a key point for connectivity, innovation, and tourism. Planned events and collaborations will further enrich both the local community and the international aviation scene.

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