ETF Airways on Freebird charter flights from Dubrovnik

On Wednesday November 1, Airbus A320 of Turkish air carrier Freebird Airlines (MI/FHM), currently based in Dubrovnik, was out of order after arrival to Dubrovnik on a charter flight from London. This was confirmed to Avioradar by Dubrovnik Airport.

Croatian air carrier ETF Airways (LI/EZZ), with its Boeing 737-800 (reg. 9A-LAB and named “Voyager”) replaced Freebird on the first upcoming charter flight from Frankfurt at the same day. “Voyager” was based in Amsterdam and did a ferry flight to Frankfurt. The plane first operated Freebird’s return flight from Frankfurt to Dubrovnik, and then a day later, the departure flight from Dubrovnik to Frankfurt. After that “Voyager” flew back ferry from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, were it is based on long-term lease to Dutch air carrier Transavia (HV/TRA).

On Thursday November 2, a scheduled charter flight to Paris was operated by Bulgarian air carrier BH Air – Balkan Holidays (8H/BGH), with Airbus A320 and the following charter flight to Billund was operated by Danish air carrier DAT Danish Air Transport (DX/DTR) with Airbus A320, as well. Starting on Friday morning, November 3, a scheduled charter flight to Brussels is again operated by  Freebird’s Airbus A320 based in Dubrovnik.

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