Zagreb Airport taxiway renovation plans

According to the Croatia Control data published in the AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication), renovation of taxiways at Franjo Tuđman Airport will last 90 days, and will begin in May 2024. The same was published in the SUP of the AIP, AIP SUP 010/2023, published on September 21, 2023. In particular, the works were announced for the summer flight season, namely for May, June, and July of 2024.

The works are expected in the form of a complete renovation of taxiway F, from taxiway C to E, including parts of taxiways D and E, but also H and G (otherwise new taxiways, opened for traffic in 2017, together with the new terminal).

Appendix 1 of SUP 010/2023 shows the scope of work.

LDZA SUP 010/2023
LDZA SUP 010/2023, © Croatia Control

The SUP also indicated that the exact dates and times of the works will be published in the NOTAM, and that the taxiing of the aircraft will be specially regulated by the ATC.

Franjo Tuđman Airport emphasizes that the renovation will be carried out as part of the EU project “Reconstruction of the maneuvering area to improve the civil-military operability of Franjo Tuđman Airport”. The project also includes the replacement of electrical installations, part of the lighting and electronic equipment on the runways that are subject to reconstruction, as well as the replacement of vertical signalization on the maneuvering area of Franjo Tuđman Airport.

Unfortunately, this project does not include what is necessary according to many, a rapid exit taxiway, as well as the extension of taxiway F to the threshold of runway 22.

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