Airport terminal reconstruction announced in Osijek

Croatian Minister of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Oleg Butković, announced reconstruction of Osijek Airport terminal. As part of numerous projects, the “future signing of the contract for the reconstruction of the terminal, i.e. the building at the airport” is foreseen.

According to data from the State Bureau of Statistics, Osijek airport was second to last in Croatia in terms of traffic last year, with 15,174 passengers. Only Brač Airport had weaker results, with a traffic of 13,072 passengers.

Osijek Airport currently has year-round direct flights to Munich and PSO flights to Zagreb, Rijeka and Pula. In addition, there are seasonal flights to Split, Dubrovnik and one international Ryanair flight to London (Stansted airport).

Osijek Airport was opened in 1980 when, in addition to passenger traffic, it was also an important link for cargo traffic between Slavonia and the rest of Croatia, as well as certain destinations in the world. Cargo flights were also flown to Libya, Egypt, Mongolia and India.

The airport infrastructure was devastated and looted during the Serbian aggression in 1991. It was freed from occupation by peaceful reintegration in 1998. The airport was reopened and made ready for traffic in 2001, but regular passenger traffic only started in 2013 with the establishment of PSO flights.

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