ON BOARD – Airbus A220

The A220, aircraft that is under the spotlight of the Croatian public, the successor to the A318 and A319 and Airbus’ adopted program. An aircraft that we will have a chance to see more and more often. The A220 programme is currently taking off, and the aircraft is so versatile that it serves as a replacement for various older types: Swiss has replaced Avro RJ100 aircraft with its A220, Air France A318 and A319, airBaltic 737-800 and DHC-8-400, etc. For comparison, Croatia Airlines will replace the entire fleet of DHC-8-400, A319 and A320 aircraft with A220 aircraft.

We had the opportunity to see the A220 in various editions, including at the Paris Air Show 2018 and the media presentation held in Zagreb in 2022. The A220 is no longer rare in the way that it is not possible to “catch” it in regular passenger operations.

At the last Paris Air Show, we took a tour onboard Air France’s A220-300. We have to admit that we were really taken care of at the Airbus chalet, and the Airbus team made an amazing effort to give the Croatian media a complete view of the aircraft.

Aircraft information:

  • Registration: F-HZUZ
  • Serial number: 55223
  • Type: 220-371
  • Exam registration: C-FPGP
  • Configuration: 148 seats
  • Date of first flight: 08.06.2023.
  • Name: Pauillac

Entering a plane that still smells like new is a special feeling. It is not necessary to describe the A220 in detail, as the aircraft is superior in many ways and a step ahead of its competitors. Our emphasis in the conversation with Airbus representatives was on the Airbus A220s that will soon arrive to Croatia Airlines. We learned that CTN decided to configure the both types (-100 and -300) with two toilets, the rear of which is located in the tail instead in the place of the last row of seats. We also learned that representatives of Croatia Airlines inquired about Airspace luggage compartments. As the marketing director for the A220 told us, installing them in the first delivery of the aircraft will not be possible, but CTN inquired about the retrofit installation of larger and simpler compartments. In addition, we have learned that the CTN will have seats similar to those on an Air France plane, with USB A and C ports for charging electronic devices and holders for mobile phones and tablets.

The airplane cabin is spacious, the seats are comfortable, and the windows are one of the largest on commercial airplanes. Such windows help the sunlight entering the cabin, which is full of daylight.

Mood lighting gives a special atmosphere to the aircraft cabin, and allows carriers additional branding of the aircraft. Apart from that, it also reduces passenger fatigue on longer flights, because the lighting can imitate sunsets/sunrises with transitional periods.

With one of the pilots, we got a detailed insight into the cockpit itself and the flight characteristics of the aircraft. Again, although we didn’t learn anything new, it was really nice to go through the new aircraft, especially bearing in mind that we will soon see exactly such aircraft in the colors of Croatia Airlines.


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