[PHOTO] The end of an aircraft in Osijek

The end has come for a Fokker F-100, that has spent several years parked at Osijek Airport. The aircraft belongs to Croatian air carrier Trade Air (C3/TDR), it was the third Fokker F-100 in their fleet, operated under registration 9A-BTF. The aircraft livery still carries the company’s old marketing name SunAdria, which is not used anymore.

This aircraft was bulit in 1991 for Indonesian air carrier Sempati Air (SG/SSR), with registation PK-JGG. From 1998, it was operated by a Brazilian air carrier TAM (JJ/TAM) with registration PT-MQK. From 2008 to 2010, it was operated by a Mexican low-cost air carrier Click Mexicana (QA/CBE) with registation XA-MQK.

This aircraft arrived to Croatia in April 2011, but remained in operation for just a short period, during the first summer season. At first it was stored at Zagreb Airport, and later transfered to Osijek Airport. Photos from foggy Osijek in the photo gallery are the photos from its last flight. 

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Photo © Josip Andračić (OSI)