CSA Czech Airlines celebrated 100th birthday

Czech flag carrier ČSA Czech Airlines (OK/CSA), a member of SkyTeam alliance, was founded 100 years ago on October 6, 1923. The first flight was scheduled for the Independets day of Czechslovakia, on October 28 1923. Because weather forecast was bad, the first flight from Prague to Bratislava departured with only one journalist.

The first flight with passangers departured one day later, on October 29, 1923 on the first route Prague – Brno – Bratislava – Košice – Uzhorod (today in Ukraine, but at that time it was in Czechoslovakia). The first international flight was 7 years later, in 1930, the flight Prague – Bratislava – Zagreb. Later this route has been extended to Sušak (Rijeka today) and Belgrade.

Today CSA has only two planes in its fleet, the same as 100 years ago. Two Airbus A320 planes are operated on only two routes, from Prague to Madrid and Paris. In the upcoming winter timetable a third flight is offered, from Prague to Yerevan. On the day that marks 100 years after the first flight, ČSA organized one and a half hour round flight under symbolic number OK1923/CSA1923, with an Airbus A320 over Czech Republic on the flight Prague – Brno – Ostrava – Prague. The price for this round flight was 160 € and it was completely sold out.

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