Boeing got a green light to test the 737-10

Boeing received approval from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to begin flight tests. This is another step forward in the process of certification of the aircraft and its entry into commercial flying.

The Boeing 737-10 is the largest aircraft from the Boeing MAX series. The aircraft is 43.8 meters long and has a wingspan of 35.9 meters. It is powered by CFM LEAP-1B engines. The aircraft’s range is 3,100 nautical miles or 5,740 kilometers.

According to Boeing data, 963 737-10 aircraft have been ordered to date.

The main competitor of this aircraft is the Airbus A321neo, which, according to Airbus data, has been delivered in 1181 units to date, and 4349 units have yet to be delivered. According to these data, Airbus has already delivered more A321neos than Boeing 737-10s have been ordered. When the 737-10 starts with regular flights, maybe a few more airlines will decide to purchase it.

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