Trade Air flies on behalf of Croatia Airlines

Croatian Air carrier Trade Air (C3/TDR) is operating flights on behalf of Croatian flag air carrier Croatia Airlines (OU/CTN) since Wednesday, Jan 10. An Airbus A320 plane, registered 9A-BTH, is annonced to operate on flights OU480/481, from Zagreb to Copenhagen and back. According to the statement issued from Trade Air, it was agreed that this aircraft will fly on behalf of Croatia Airlines until the end of this year.

This aircraft was built in 2001 for the Spanish flag air carrier Iberia (IB/IBE), where it was registered EC-HQK. Since 2010 it was operated by the Egyptian air carrier Koral Blue (K7/KBR), registered SU-KBE. For a few months during 2012, the aircraft was a part of the fleet of Polish air carrier OLT Express (O2/YAP), registered SP-IAE. In the same year it was transfered to the fleet of the Colombian air carrier VivaColombia (VH/VVC), where it was operated until 2018. One year later it arrived to Croatia.

OU480 1234567 ZAG – CPH 08:40 – 10:40 A320 (ops. by C3)
OU481 1234567 CPH – ZAG 11:20 – 13:10 A320 (ops. by C3)

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