SAS launches booking for electric powered flights

On June 2, 2023, at 12PM Central European Time (CET), SAS – Scandinavian Airline System is releasing airline tickets for its first commercial flights in electric powered aircraft. These flights will also be the first commercial flights in aircraft with electric propulsion in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

SAS is putting on sale 30 tickets available for booking on each of the 3 inaugural electric aircraft flights, with flights planned for 2028.

The ticket price for the inaugural flight is SEK/NOK/DDK 1946 (€216.28), which is a symbolic reminder of the year of the first SAS flight. Tickets will be available at

SAS, in cooperation with Heart Aerospace, signed a letter of intent in September 2022 on the procurement of ES-30 electric aircraft, which should complement the SAS regional fleet, thus contributing to zero environmental emissions in Scandinavia. ES-30 aircraft have 30 seats and an electrically powered range of 200 km. The reserve hybrid system, which can be used for emergencies or in cruise for longer flights, gives the aircraft a range of 400 km. Alternatively, with 25 passengers, the plane has a range of up to 800 km.

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