Incident at Zagreb airport

SAAB 340, registration number HA-TAD, of Fleet Air International, had an incident on Monday, May 8.

The cargo plane on flight RAC9001 from Sarajevo to Zagreb landed on runway 04 of the Zagreb airport at 19:00 local time, left it via taxiway “C” and continued towards the western apron, namely parking position W4.

According to information available to AvioRadar, the plane’s brakes failed and collided with a vehicle, the so-called “Follow Me” and stopped in front of the airport’s cargo terminal.

Also according to unconfirmed information, the aircraft leaked hydraulic oil on the taxiway “C”.

No injuries occurred in the accident.

The aircraft involved is a 34-year-old plane that maintains a regular “cargo” route between Zagreb and Sarajevo.

As the chief investigator of aviation accidents, Danko Petrin confirmed for AvioRadar, the event was reported to the Air, Maritime and Railway Traffic Accident Investigation Agency and they are proceeding according to the procedure.

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