White Saab S-2000 from Estonia at Zagreb Airport

Saab S-2000 (in the picture), in white livery, without any titles, arrived at Zagreb Airport on Tuesday, March 9th. This aircraft is operated by NyxAir (NYX). It arrived on the flight number NYX7590 from Zürich and after only 45 minutes it departured under the same flight number to Gothenburg in Sweden. This aircraft with ES-NSE registration and serial number 13 was bulit in 1995 for German air carrier Deutsche BA (DI/BAG). Later is was operated by numerous companies in France, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Sweden and Great Britain. 

Nyxair is a charter air carrier founded in 2017 with the main operational base in Estonian capital Tallinn. It operates a fleet of 8 aircraft: 3 Saab S-2000s, 4 smaller Saab SF-340s and one ATR-42-500. The aircraft from Zagreb has been a part of the fleet only since August last year. NyxAir doesn’t operate any regular flights, except the ones operated on behalf of the Swedish regional air carrier Air Leap (FL/LPA)