United Airlines makes history – 300 planes ordered in one day

On December 13, 2022, United Airlines made a new chapter in aviation history by ordering 300 aircraft in one day.

United signed an order for 100 Boeing 787 aircraft with an option for additional 100 aircraft. This order includes all aircraft subtypes (-8, -9, and -10). In addition, the previous 44 options for Boeing 737 MAX aircraft were converted into a firm order, with addition of 56 new options for the same aircraft.

United Airlines, a Star Alliance member, plans to introduce two new aircraft per week into the fleet from 2023, while from 2024, 3 new aircraft per week will arrive in the fleet. With time, United anticipates to create 25,000 new jobs.

The entire process of modernization and fleet expansion includes 700 ordered aircraft (A321 neo, 737 MAX and 787), which should be delivered by 2032.

In addition to these orders, it is also worth mentioning the 50 ordered Boom supersonic aircraft (15 orders and 35 options), which (if they take off) should arrive to United Airlines fleet by 2029.