Trade Air will resume domestic PSO flight operations

Croatian air carrier Trade Air (C3/TDR) is expecting Government’s decision about the domestic PSO flights, and is prepared to resume flight operations on these routes: from Osijek to Rijeka and Pula, from Rijeka to Split and Dubrovnik, and from Pula to Split. There are also some options for adding new domestic routes. Trade Air confirmed for AvioRadar,  that the resumption of flight operations could be from July 18th, if everything is agreed with the Government. 

What is new is that there should be change of aircraft type. Instead of the previous Let L-410 Turbolet lease from Czech air carrier Van Air Europe (V9/VAA), a larger Saab SF-340 (in the picture) is planned, which should be leased from Polish air carrier SprintAir (P8/SRN).