The first international route was resumed to Zadar Airport

Zadar Airport welcomed on Saturday, June 20th the first aicraft on international flight from the begining of flight operations interruption because of Covid-19 crisis. It was German low-cost air carrier Eurowings (EW/EWG) with an Airbus A320 (in the picture) on the flight from Cologne/Bonn Airport. There were 180 passangers on arrival and 38 on departure from Zadar. 

The same day Eurowings has resumed also flight operations on Cologne – Split route. Earlier in June Eurowings has already resumed flight operations to Split on routes from Düsseldrof, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Düsseldorf – Split route had on Saturday addional flight with Airbus A320 and this route will have also additional 3 flights until the of June. 

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