The biggest passanger aircraft in Croatia

The biggest passanger aircraft arrived to Croatia in April. It was Boeing 747-8i (in the photo) of Chinese national air carrier Air China (CA/CCA), the member of global Star Alliance

Boeing 747-8i is the newest and the biggest version of popular Jumbo Jet aircraft, also called  “Queen of the Sky”. First deliveries of this aircraft started in 2011. The passanger versions are operated only by Air China, Korean Air (KE/KAL) and Lufthansa (LH/DLH). Only 47 aircrafts were produced in passanger version, and Air China has 7 of them operating in its fleet.

Chinese aircraft with registration B-2480, arrived to Croatia with the political delegation of Chinese government, flying from Brussels to Zagreb on April 9th. The next day it moved from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. It departured back to Beijing on April 12th. This aircraft was built for Chinese air carrier in May 2015. 

Photo © Avioradar – Karlo Mudri (ZAG/09.04.2019.)