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Trade Air Airbus A320

Trade Air leti za Croatia Airlines

Hrvatski zrakoplovni prijevoznik Trade Air (C3/TDR) od srijede, 10. siječnja, leti na linijama hrvatskog nacionalnog prijevoznika Croatia Airlinesa (OU/CTN). Zrakoplov tipa Airbus A320 registarske oznake...
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Trade Air will resume domestic PSO flight operations

Croatian air carrier Trade Air (C3/TDR) is expecting Government’s decision about the domestic PSO flights, and is prepared to resume flight operations on these routes: from Osijek to Rijeka and Pula, from Rijeka to Split and...
Trade Air Airbus A320

Trade Air has taken over the sixth aircraft

Croatian air carrier Trade Air (C3/TDR) received one more aircraft on Wednesday, April 6th. The Airbus A320 arrived to Zagreb with new Croatian 9A-BTK registration from Sharjah in United Arab Emirates. Now this is the youngest aircraft...