RIJEKA AIRPORT: Breaking records with the beginning of summer


Rijeka Airport continues its growth and in June 2019 marks a record increase in passenger’s transport and traffic operations as compared to June 2018.

After the successful 2018, when Rijeka Airport marks historical records in achieving total of 183,606 in passengers transport and growth of almost 30% in traffic operations, THIS SUMMER they opened with great news.

Rijeka Airport can boast with most successful June in history so far, in passenger’s transport they recorded increasing of 37% and in traffic operations 40% higher compared to June 2018.

These excellent achievements are a good introduction to the season in which they expect 200,000 passengers. The reason for the increase is the launch of new lines for Belgrade, Munich and Marseille, but also an increase in the number of traffic operations in existing flights, in particular Transavia for Eindhoven, which increased by 350% compared to last season.

Photo © Rijeka Airport