More flights to Rijeka Airport in summer 2022 timetable

Rijeka Airport expects a much better summer season compared with air traffic in last two years. Although the summer timetable for this year is not finalized yet, we asked at Rijeka Airport about the current situation with confirmed announcements. Beside earlier announced new routes and the routes which will be resumed after pandemic, almost all current routes will get additional flights, as well as longer services in pre-season and post-season periods.

Increase of flight services by air carriers:

  • Eurowings: all five routes from Germany with 129 rotations more
  • Transavia: Eindhoven, 30 rotations more
  • Lufthansa: Frankfurt and Munich, 44 rotations more
  • Croatia Airlines: Munich, 28 rotations more
  • AirBaltic: Riga, 5 rotations more
  • Ryanair: Three resumed routes with total 186 rotations
  • EasyJet: New air carrier on two new routes with 72 rotations
  • Condor: With one resumed and one new route, 54 rotations
  • Air Serbia: Beograd, resumed route with 28 rotations

In total, Rijeka expects 576 rotations more then last year!

There are still more negotiations being held with airlines, for example with LOT Polish Airlines, which hasn’t finalized its summer timetable for this year, yet.