Match Day Shuttle services – Qatar World Cup 2022


Fans attending the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 using the Match Day Shuttle service can now apply for their Hayya Card.

The Match Day Shuttle allows fans who are not staying in Qatar to fly to the country, watch a game of their choice and return to their point of origin within 24 hours. The services are being offered by Qatar Airways and a host of carriers in the region, including Saudia, flydubai, Air Arabia, Kuwait Airways and Oman Air. The Match Day Hayya Card will provide its holders a number of benefits, including entry to the State of Qatar, entry to stadiums (with a valid match ticket) and access to free public transport. 

The Hayya Card website and mobile app can now accept applications from fans using Match Day Shuttle services. Fans will simply need to provide their travel details in order to receive their Hayya Card.