Large emergency exercise was held at Brac Airport

In accordance with legal obligations, a large emergency exercise “Airbus 2021” was held at Brac Airport yesterday. The exercise was attended by all airport services united through the activities of the rescue fire brigade of Brac Airport, operational center, operational command at the crash site, local commission, –Croatian Air Navigation Services – Brac Branch, MUP RH Border Police Station ZL Brac, and Croatian Customs. In addition to the above services, all Brač voluntary fire brigades participated in the exercise – DVD Bol, DVD Milna, DVD Pučišća, DVD Selca and DVD Supetar led by the main island fire commander, VOC Brač, County Center 112, and members of HGSS Split – Branch office in Brac.
 The exercise scenario included the overrun of an Airbus A319 aircraft from the runway during landing, with the outbreak of fire on both wings of the aircraft, and the spread of the fire to surrounding vegetation. In the exercise, aircraft fires and vegetation fires were extinguished and injured people were rescued. Upon completion of putting the aircraft out of fire, it was determined that two people were missing and the search for them was started by members of the HGSS. The first person was found with the help of a search dog, and the second was found in a pit at a depth of 6 meters. Preparatory work, descent into the pit, triage, evacuation of the injured person from the pit and transport to the port building were performed.
After the end, the exercise was analyzed, photographed in groups and then lunch followed for all participants in the exercise.