Wizz Air Introduces Subscription Program

Wizz Air is introducing a new perk on the market of low-cost carriers and air transport in general – a subscription program. WIZZ MultiPass is a kind of reward program for passengers who, by paying a monthly subscription, can use flights on domestic routes within Italy or on international routes with departure/destination in Poland.

The basic option of Wizz Air’s MultiPass program is to choose a subscription between a one-way and return ticket, with one of the four options offered:

  • Airplane ticket
  • Air ticket + WIZZ Priority
  • Airline ticket + checked baggage (20 kg)
  • Airplane ticket + checked baggage (20 kg) + WIZZ Priority

According to the information available on Wizz Air website, passengers can use the first ticket immediately after paying the subscription, provided that the flight is at least 5 days after purchasing the subscription program. Also, in order for the program to be valid, the subscription must last for at least six months, and it is renewed periodically, that is, every month.

Wizz Air emphasizes that with this program, passengers get an excellent flight offer for a fixed price, at the same time not burdening themselves with travel planning and monitoring in which time period the airline ticket would be the most favorable. Wizz’s statement also states “Thanks to the subscription, passengers can easily choose a flight for business or tourism purposes.”

The exception in the use of subscription flights are the so-called black-out periods, i.e. periods in which it is not possible to use the airline tickets included in the subscription:

  • from December 23 to 26
  • December 31
  • from January 5 to 8
  • from March 28 to April 2

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