Turkish Airlines in Zagreb with A330

According to the currently available flight schedule, until the end of the summer flight season, Turkish Airlines will operate a morning return flight on the Istanbul-Zagreb-Istanbul route every Sunday with a wide-body Airbus A330-300. The same applies to incoming flights TK1053 and TK1054, arriving in Zagreb at 08:05 and departing for Istanbul at 08:55.

The arrival of Turkish Airlines’ 289-seat Airbus A330-300 represents an increase from the airline’s regular A320 family aircraft (A320, A321, A21N), with a capacity of 159 to 182 seats, with occasional arrivals of Boeing 737-800, 737MAX8 and 737MAX9 aircraft, with the capacity of 139 to 169 seats.

The first scheduled arrival of Airbus A3320 on route TK1053 is scheduled for Sunday 06 August, and the same aircraft is scheduled for flights TK1053/1054 every Sunday until 22 October.

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