There is room for 483.000 flights at Schiphol in 2024

In 2024, there is room for 483.000 flights at Schiphol. The airport is planning to provide capacity for 293.000 flights in the summer season (31 March – 26 October), on the condition that peak times are relieved. Schiphol informed airlines, the Ministry of I&W and the slot coordinator of this today. This is the outcome of five weeks in which Schiphol had to re-establish the capacity for the summer season after the Minister of I&W announced on 14 November that he was suspending the experimental scheme. He requested that Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL), the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and Customs be taken into account during this process. Schiphol then held various talks with airlines. Recent weeks have shown that a limited reduction is needed at peak times to allow for safe and stable operations. Airlines have agreed to help with this.

The 293.000 flights for the 2024 summer season are more than the 280.000 flights that Schiphol had previously announced. That number was derived from the annual total of 460.000 flights, as was determined in the experimental scheme. In the calendar year 2023, Schiphol expects a total of around 433.000 flights.

The independent slot coordinator is now going to discuss with airlines how the number of flights during peak times can be reduced. That will preferably happen on a voluntary basis, otherwise by way of an obligation from the slot coordinator. Compliance with these agreements is crucial, in the interest of a safe and pleasant journey for everyone at Schiphol.

The analysis in recent weeks made it clear that the peak in the morning, when a lot of large aircraft carrying many passengers arrive simultaneously, can lead to problems in the entire process, including long lines. By lowering the capacity in one of the morning peaks from 68 to 65 arrivals per hour, this pressure is relieved. The consultation for the winter season  (27 October 2024 – 30 March 2025) will follow later in 2024.

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