Status of flights to Tel Aviv on October 8, 2023.

Israel is currently in the state of war, since Saturday morning. According to the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, it is currently not safe to travel to Israel, and it is recommended to cancel all non-essential travel.

Some airlines have started canceling flights to Tel Aviv. Here is a list of canceled flights and notes from major airlines flying to Tel Aviv. The situation was checked in the night from Saturday to Sunday, and new changes in flights are possible on Sunday.

Flights for Sunday, October 8, 2023.



All flights from Frankfurt and Munich have been cancelled.

LH686 Frankfurt – Tel Aviv 10:15 – 15:25

LH694 Frankfurt – Tel Aviv 14:00 – 19:05

LH690 Frankfurt – Tel Aviv 18:00 – 23:05

LH691 Tel Aviv – Frankfurt 04:50 – 08:20

LH695 Tel Aviv – Frankfurt 08:00 – 11:30

LH687 Tel Aviv – Frankfurt 16:30 – 20:00

LH680 Munich – Tel Aviv 11:25 – 16:05

LH684 Munich – Tel Aviv 19:45 – 00:25

LH683 Tel Aviv – Munich 07:00 – 10:00

LH681 Tel Aviv – Munich 17:10 – 20:25

Lufthansa has currently canceled all flights on Sunday and Monday (October 9, 2023), and decisions on the cancellation of future flights will be made at the beginning of next week.


Air France

Canceled flights from Paris CDG airport:

AF0962 Paris CDG – Tel Aviv 09:10 – 14:20

AF0996 Paris CDG – Tel Aviv 23:20 – 04:40

AF0975 Tel Aviv – Paris CDG 07:50 – 11:40

AF0963 Tel Aviv – Paris CDG 16:30 – 20:25

Currently, one of the two flights on Monday has not been cancelled, but changes are possible during Sunday


Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines has currently canceled all flights on Sunday and Monday (October 9, 2023), and decisions on the cancellation of future flights will be made at the beginning of next week.


Brussels Airlines

Flights for Sunday and Monday have been cancelled:

SN3293 Brussels – Tel Aviv 21:10 – 02:40

SN3290 Tel Aviv – Brussels 16:15 – 20:05


Turkish Airlines

Currently they are not canceling flights, possible delays in departures


Pegasus Airlines

For passengers who bought tickets to Israel up to and including October 7, 2023 for trips from 7 October and 8 October 2023, they offer the possibility to:

Free changes in “open ticket”

Free change of travel date




All flights to Tel Aviv on Sunday have been cancelled.

Passengers will be contacted by easyJet via e-mail and SMS.

Only passengers whose flights have been canceled can request vouchers, refunds or changes to a future trip.

For passengers traveling to Tel Aviv in the coming days, easyJet recommends checking the flight status on the easyJet website.



Ryanair has not started canceling flights at the moment, and there are still flights for Sunday with scheduled status, for example from Budapest. Flight changes and cancellations are possible during Sundays.


Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines canceled flights to Tel Aviv for Sunday and partially for Monday.


ITA Airways

They canceled the flights for Sunday.


Air Baltic

The flight for Sunday was cancelled.


Air Serbia

According to the notification on 7 October 2023. Air Serbia continue to fly to Tel Aviv.


Wizz Air

Cancels all flights to Israel for Sunday, October 8, 2023.


Virgin Atlantic

On 8.10.2023. one of the two flights was cancelled, and the flight was cancelled:

VS453 London Heathrow-Tel Aviv

VS454 Tel Aviv-London Heathrow (cancelled for 8/10 and 9/10)



Canceled flight for October 8 2023.

KL0461 Amsterdam – Tel Aviv 21:25 – 02:35

KL0462 Tel Aviv – Amsterdam 04:45 – 08:30 (cancelled for 8.10. and 9.10.)


TAP Air Portugal

TAP canceled flights for October 8 and October 9.



Currently not canceling flights from Barcelona to Tel Aviv for October 8, 2023.



For October 8, Iberia canceled one of the two flights scheduled for that day from Tel Aviv to Madrid, while both flights from Madrid to Tel Aviv have a scheduled status.

Canceled flight:

IB3983 Tel Aviv – Madrid 05:30 – 10:00


El Al

Continues flying according to flight plan.



Flight Amsterdam – Tel Aviv scheduled for October 9 not yet defined whether it will take off or not, it will be known during the day.

Flights from France to Tel Aviv on October 8 currently still have a scheduled status.



Flight for October 8, 2023 still has the scheduled status.


British Airways

Canceled flights for October 8:

BA0167 London Heathrow – Tel Aviv 17:05 – 23:55

BA0166 Tel Aviv – London Heathrow 07:10 – 10:30

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