One of the last Tupolev TU-154 in service

One of the last Tupolev TU-154 in service landed in Berlin on Thursday, September 28. The plane was a Kyrgyz Government aircraft with registration number EX-00001 and it arrived to the summit of Central Asian countries organized by German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz. This aircraft was built in 1993 for Kyrgyzstan Airlines (R8/KGA). Since 2008 it was operated by private Kyrgyz air carrier Air Manas (ZM/MBB),  and from 2016 it is in use for the Kyrgyzstan Government.

There are no more Tupolev TU-154 planes in regular passanger service, not even in Russia. Several planes are operated by Russian Army, Chinese Army, two are operated by North Korean air carrier Air Koryo (JS/KOR), one is in Kazakstan and this one in Kyrgyzstan.

Representatives of Tajik Government arrived to Berlin summit with s newer Boeing 787 Dreamliner, with registration number EY-001. This aircraft was bulit in 2010 and delivered to Mexican Army in 2016, where it was operated with registration number XC-MEX. In May this year it was sold from Mexico to Tajikistan.

Tajikistan Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Tajikistan Boeing 787 Dreamliner – © Avioradar – Marijo Dedić Jandrek

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